Same-Day Crowns in Spring, TX

Same-Day Crowns Spring TX

What Is a Same-Day Crown?

Same-day crowns at Consultants in Dental Aesthetics are built using a CEREC machine. This CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing) machine is capable of automatically trimming a block of porcelain into a custom-built crown in just a few minutes.

Thanks to this advanced technology, it’s now possible for patients in Spring, TX to get a crown in just a single short appointment at our office, rather than needing to come in for multiple appointments. Our office is located at 9700 Louetta Road, Spring, TX 77379.

The Benefits of Same-Day CEREC Crowns

First and foremost, same-day CEREC crowns offer convenience. You can get a crown in just a single 1-2 hour appointment, rather than 2+ appointments over a period of 2-3 weeks or longer. This makes it easier to get the care you need if you have a busy schedule.

You can also avoid wearing an uncomfortable temporary crown, which is required for the traditional dental crown procedure. CEREC crowns also look just as natural and are just as durable as traditional crowns, and provide long-lasting results as long as you care for your mouth properly.

When Is a Crown Needed?

Dental crowns are typically used to repair damaged teeth. In most cases, they are the best option for repairing a tooth after root canal therapy, or for treating a tooth that has an extensive cavity that’s too large to treat with a filling. Crowns are also often used to repair a broken or cracked tooth after a serious dental injury.

Crowns are also used as artificial teeth to restore single-tooth dental implants. More rarely, crowns may be used for purely cosmetic purposes, such as to restore a stained tooth that’s too small or misshapen for treatment with a porcelain veneer.