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We are always accepting new patients and looking forward to welcoming you to your new dental home. To ensure you get the care you need, we are offering new patients savings with a Comprehensive Dental Examination and all images necessary to prescribe a personal treatment plan for you. Once this initial visit is completed, we can then prescribe the right Dental Hygiene Professional Cleaning or Periodontal Therapy you require, whichever is indicated.  

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*New patients only. Cannot be utilized with insurance.  Dental Cleaning not included.


New Patient Special

Comprehensive Dental Examination
All Required Images
Customized Treatment Plan
Call (281) 370-8786

 $79 New Patient Special Includes

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Treatment Plan

Our team will put together an individualized treatment plan for you based on your dental history, past dental work, and what you need to maintain a healthy smile.

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Comprehensive Exam

One of our doctors will examine your mouth to see if any dental issues are present. If any are found, we will work together to establish a treatment plan that accommodates your lifestyle and needs. We will also examine your mouth to ensure you are free of oral cancer.

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Detailed Images

We will take a set of digital images to help our doctors identify potential oral health issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. This also helps us be able to track your oral health over time.

Cosmetic Dentist In Spring TX

Experience Fusion Dentistry at Consultants in Dental Aesthetics

Our approach to dentistry is like no other. Not only do we offer the best in technology, tools, and treatments, we also cater to our patients and pamper you with the 5-star service you deserve. You’ll be sure to leave our office feeling refreshed, healthy, and empowered after every appointment. We can’t wait to see you smile, so be sure to schedule your next visit today!

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Have Questions About Consultants in Dental Aesthetics?

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at (281) 370-8786 to speak with our team.

Will There Be Any Additional Costs at My First Visit?

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No! The New Patient Special will cover the comprehensive dental examination and all detailed images necessary to prescribe a personal treatment plan to maintain a healthy smile.

What Happens After My First Visit?

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After you come in for your first exam, we recommend that you continue to see us every six months for another professional cleaning. This will ensure that your teeth stay bright and healthy. If you are coming to us for cosmetic or restorative treatments, we will gladly work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that works with your schedule, goals, and individual needs.

Can I Use Dental Insurance?

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While we do accept a variety of dental insurances at Consultants in Dental Aesthetics, we provide our New Patient Special for our patients who chose to not utilize dental insurance. If you would like to use your dental insurance at our office, we will gladly help you maximize your benefits! We also offer flexible financing options and an in-house membership to ensure our high-quality care is convenient and accessible for any budget.

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Your health is our priority. We focus on providing comfortable and effective dental treatments that will be the best for your whole-body health in the long run.

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